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Imagile was created with passion for innovation and with a good portion of pragmatism. For years, we observed how people
in our professional and private surrouding had great ideas, mostly sourced from their own field of expertise. They struggled to
eventually realize their ideas, out of different concerns. One concern was always how to get the product developed, with their
lack of technical and best-practice knowledge, and with a lack of funding (external funding usually only comes after you have
something to show).

We saw that we could solve this problem, and decided to create an offer for founders, to mutually benefit from each
others expertises.

Imagile has offices in Germany (Management, Concept, Technology) and Brazil (Development, Design).
We currently employ 15 professionals.

Imagile GmbH

Akilindastrasse 47

82166 Gräfelfing, Germany

+49 89 7168 5830

Imagile Mussi & Souza Ltda.

Rua Quinze de Novembro, 667 / sala 503

96015-000, Pelotas, RS Brazil

+55 53 3025 6378